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Our beautiful truck 🤩
Having fun summer with Jumpy Jumper

Summer time with Jumpy Jumper ☀️

It’s Summertime!! Call Jumpy Jumper ☀️🤩

Big giant water slide for adults! It’s a blast 

Special water slide for a pool! It’s so fun! 🤩

Cool with Jumpy Jumper. We attend many events!

Bouncy House Princess size 28x15x15 

Bouncy House Jumper with water slide. size 32x15x15  

Tables, chairs, and linens… all for your party 🎊🎈

Happy Mother's Day🎁
Canopies in all sizes for your party 🎊
Nice Party 🎈
Happy customer with Jumpy Jumper, and look our beautiful truck !!
All for your party's decoration 🥳
A prince is coming!
Family time 🎉
We attend small and big events. Don't hesitate call Jumpy Jumper! 🥳
Everyone is getting happy and fun.
Beautiful flowers girl
Love's in the air 🥰
Beautiful and lovely family event! 🥰
Ahhhh!! Sumer summer ☀️😁 Happy with Jumpy Jumper
Nice time 😁
Beautiful ideas!
Nice cake!
Leo's tacos share with us her yummy products!! Team Jumpy Jumper 😋